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I highly recommend this service if you wish to cut your cable bill. I have recommended this service to all my friends and family. I will continue to use this service because of all the great selection of channels with tons of movies and tv series!! Give it a try !!!

Excellent value for your money . Long time customer . Best service in Toronto by far . Tried all the ones promising the best and lots of disappointments These guys are the real deal .I've never once had a bad experience with this organization and will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come. If you want the best iptv , this is the one for you

This is a great company to deal with. Their service is excellent and have a quick response to problems.

With IPTV, you can't go in expecting cable like quality and service but this is one of the best options for IPTV that feels very cable like!
Very good customer service and pricing options! Like with all IPTV providers, service does go down sometimes for a few hours but it does go back up within a hour or two. You can always stay updated by joining telegram group about current status of services. IPTV is not perfect so yes some channels will stop working or glitch here and there but for the most part it is always very great working! this is one of the best reliable options for IPTV so definitely choose them.

I have used many iptv services in the past and got to say this is by far the best service ever. The gentleman that I dealt with was extremely professional, well knowledged and helpful. Also have experienced 0 service outages and works very well with no buffering. Lots of channels are offered. Definitely recommend this!

I have been using IPTV for so many yrs cut Rogers out and I love it getting so much and paying so low. Tried so many providers some ok some horrible and have to say joining with Toronto IPTV has been a great choice. Customer service and techs real good and most important stable TV and great quality picture. I wasn’t a fan of using stb app but now I see why it’s so good. It’s a basic lay out but who cares it gets the job done!! Thanks for the great service

customer service is great everything works fine

Thank you so much for the prompt support

Best in town, fast servers and really great quality. So many channels, VODs, documentaries to choose from, Much better than cable tv. Give it a try, you won't regret.

Hi I just have to say how professional this team is, not tech savvy at all had a few issues and they helped me out. Amazing place to deal with and would highly recommend!!!

I just recently purchased their box With their service. Shipping was super fast and when I plugged in the box it worked right away without a problem. We are more than happy with their service.

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